Our Vision

Greytown-and-South-WairarapOur vision is, as well as growing the Christian community, for us to grow in Christ through fellowship, worship and service.  As well as regular Sunday services, we meet to study the bible, discuss the scriptures and consider how these effect our daily lives.  A knowledge of God as revealed in the life of his son Jesus Christ ought to be the foundation for all the activites of our parish, as well as our own individual lives.

Have a look on this website at ‘May’s Blog’ for topical messages and at ‘the Big Read’ for some thought-provoking analysis of the Gospels.

The weekly newsletter traces our path through the Christian year.  As well as our regular worship, prayer and study meetings, we enjoy social gatherings – often a shared meal with services – and we endeavour to shine our light in  local communities by getting involved.  For example:

  •  The Martinborough ‘Breakfast Club’,
  • … and the ‘Homework Club’,
  • The Featherston Community Garden,
  • ‘Those were the Days’ meetings, and
  • Pre-school and elder ministries.

community garden

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