A new organ for St Andrews?

Dear all,

Martin Lawrence has been researching the feasibility of a new organ for St Andrews.  He writes:

“You are invited to an organ demonstration on at St Andrews church on MondayTuesday 10/11th February, final date and time to be confirmed.  The instrument is a Roland C330 which you can see and hear on these sites:




 Ralph Cullen from Keyboard Systems is delivering the organ to an address in the area and has kindly offered to demonstrate for a few hours at St Andrew’s on the way.

The idea of upgrading the organ is not new and people will remember a Johannus being demonstrated in the church a couple of years ago. Visiting organists have commented on the adequacy or otherwise of the existing keyboard although it has served well.

A digital organ however, has to be heard to be believed and the sound is close to a true pipe organ.

The benefits of a digital organ over a pipe organ are: price (very much cheaper), size (a pipe organ would simply not fit into the church), and greatly reduced maintenance (a digital organ does not have pipes so does not require regular tuning). It would be set up so the amplifier/speaker system can be used when an organist is not available.

While the demonstration organ may turn out to be “the one” we think it prudent to review the currently available instruments and I am visiting Keyboard System’s warehouse existing installations in late February for this purpose. In any case the price will be $23,400 or less, there being several options available. We urge you to support the project. At this stage donations or promises to pay will be noted and the purchase confirmed when the fundraising is completed.

Unfortunately Vicki Jones who plays the organ regularly, will be unavailable to try it out, however there will be an opportunity for anyone else interested to try it out.”

 Wonderful work Martin, well done and thank you!  And I note (no pun intended), a very welcome and generous pledge just in fromDavid and Carol Major as follows:

“If the new instrument has 88 keys and costs $20,000 then that is about $250 per key. Carol and I would be happy to pay for two keys = $500 would be the keys of C (C Major)the key of D (D Major)”